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History of Our Girls Rock Too!, Inc.


Our Girls Rock TOO! was founded May 1, 2012 by Stacey Grant. This non-profit organization is for girls of all ethnicities, sizes, and beliefs and was created to serve young ladies ages 7-18. The mission of Our Girls Rock TOO! is to encourage young ladies to become comfortable in their own skin and to love themselves through various exercises.


It is our goal to reach girls all over the United States to build self-esteem, encourage a positive self-image, and create girl empowerment. The mission is to Uplift, Empower, Educate, and Embrace the young women of our community through various workshops and support. We offer a monthly program for our Elite Program.  We have 20 slots for 7-12 age group and 20 slots for the 13-18 age group. The names are randomly selected and the girls are invited to participate in our monthly programs, scholarships, and trips. The young ladies that are selected  also have an assigned mentor to keep up with progress reports, grades, behavior, and extracurricular activities. We host our Annual Conference in September and give away scholarships to deserving seniors.


Annual Conferences:


2012 - Increasing your Self-esteem & Self-image

2013 - Exploring Your Talents!

2014 - Uplift, Empower, Educate, Embrace

2015 - Hands Empowering Hands

2016 - The Complete Girl

2017 - A Phenomenal Brunch and Paint with a Twist

2018 - Self Defense  and Wellness Luncheon

2019 - Power Up: It's  A Girl Thing

2021 - Girl's Day Out: All Access 

2022 - Girls with Goals

2023 - Explore Your Talents 2

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