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A message from Stacey Grant,
Founder and Director

Growing up in a rural area, I did not have positive programs exclusively for young ladies to attend.  However, I was surrounded by a positive, loving community which lead me to be the strong lady that I am today.  Being surrounded in this environment has had a significant impact on my character development. I was always told that I was beautiful, smart, and could accomplish anything. I believe that with the support of a positive community and strong esteem developing programs, we can embrace the young ladies of our community.

Although my life as a young girl was very well-supported, I did face some obstacles such as being bullied. I found myself being bullied for my clothes and even for being smart. As a result, I found myself in need of the encouragement that my community would one day provide.  My goal is to be a guide and a mentor for the young ladies in the program and to create an environment of love and lifelong friendships. I know that I may not reach every girl, but to reach even ONE can be life changing.  I want to help open doors for young ladies to discover their talents, accept their beauty, excel in education, and value the importance of embracing and uplifting each other to reach the common goal of SUCCESS!


As a well respected mentor, life coach, and positive role model; I have been recognized by my community for the dedication and commitment to OGR2. I have received the Northland’s Cable Hometown Hero 2014 Award, the Amazing Grace Ministries Community Service Award 2014, and the Women of Inspiration Leadership Award 2014.  I am blessed to have such a supportive community.


Stacey Grant
Founder and Director

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