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What are people saying about Our Girls Rock Too!

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“ I really enjoyed myself & my daughter really enjoyed everything! I'm looking forward to coming again! I think it's wonderful what you're doing for "Our Girls" Stacey King! Be blessed! Kudos to your supportive staff & volunteers!”

Kristy Ryals Bennett

“OMGoodness, this event was awesome. The ladies of the Aud@City Mentoring Group we're very well pleased with everything that occurred today! What an awesome experience! Stacey, I'm sooooo exhausted but I can rest knowing that I was a part of an impactful effort today! Our Girls Rock!”

Venus Griffin

“ I'm still marinating on the workshops!! You ladies did an AMAZING job! Can't wait to attend next year!.”

Fenika Miller


Lucia D. Wallace

“Awesome job! thankful for the connection!!!”

Santina Marcello Fryer

“ God Bless your purpose and mission!! We had a great time and we appreciate all your efforts and your vision!! Look forward to seeing you again soon!!”

Mozell Dasher Rooks

 "Awesome job! GOD bless you my dear!"
Robin Holmes-Lanier

“Love love looovveed the entire event!!" Great day!!”

Lena Prince


“Great turnout! I'm sure not only all the girls, but also all the women involved at the event went away with something good they gained and a fresh perspective ... how they see themselves and that as long as they value themselves no one will have the power to control their goals in life.”

Tiffney Dishmond

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